TSA Volunteer

The concept of tikun olamrepair the world—expresses the value of volunteering in Judaism. The world may be imperfect, but we have not only the opportunity, but really the obligation to help make it better, more whole. In fact, the world really depends on people being active not only in their own lives, but in their community’s destiny, too.
 How can I help, you may ask?
  • Assist with the Torah Schedule (See Frank)
  • Volunteer to assist with the children’s program. (See Katie)
  • Donate school supplies (pens, paper, crayons, markers, glue sticks, and stickers-see Katie)
  • Attention Parents! Clean up the children’s area/nursery before going home. (Sisterhood-see Sharon)
  • Buying and refilling the water for upstairs (Sisterhood)
  • Shaking & gathering tablecloths to launder (Sisterhood)
  • Can you play an instrument? Do you sing or dance? (Contact Phil/Rabanit)
  • Assist the worship team with pulling and filing music. (Sisterhood)
  • Volunteer to manage overhead during Shabbat services. (Sisterhood)

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