The Messianic Jewish Community

of the Bay Area, California

shabbat services

Shabbat morning services are held weekly at 10:30 a.m. in person and online. See the contact us page for more information.

Grounded In The Bible

Messianic Judaism rekindles the spirit of the first century Jewish community of Nazarenes, who followed Yeshua and believed in him as the long-awaited One. Messianic Judaism is a Torah-based Judaism grounded in the Bible.

We are a Community

Tsemach Adonai is first and foremost a community. We are a multilingual congregation and a member of the UMJC. We welcome both Jews and non-Jews to attend and worship G-d with us, including inter-faith families and those who are curious. Welcome!

Virtual Services

Our Shabbat services are held virtually, as well as in-person. Reach out to us for details!

Frequently asked questions

Messianic Judaism is a movement of Jewish congregations and groups committed to Yeshua the Messiah that embrace the covenantal responsibility of Jewish life and identity rooted in Torah, expressed in tradition, and renewed and applied in the context of the New Covenant.

As a movement for Yeshua within the people of Israel, we stand in solidarity with the larger Jewish community, including the state of Israel. We are committed to the continuity of the Jewish people and to participation in our common tradition. As a movement for Yeshua, we also value and affirm our place within the entire community of Messiah and are committed to its genuine unity.

“Tsemach Adonai,” is Hebrew for “Branch (or shoot) of the Lord,” as referred to in Isaiah 4:2:

“In that day the Branch of the L-rd shall be beautiful and glorious; and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and appealing for those of Israel who have escaped.”

For additional assistance, or to answer any questions, please contact us.